DT&C’s unique business model “test water program” distinguishes us from other consulting firms in Taiwan because we provide a full suite of tailor-made services to our clients for their first time entering the Taiwanese market. Our unique test water program and customized services will cover all our clients’ needs no matter whether they are international companies,  
small or medium size firms, or entrepreneurs. Our major objective is to assist our clients through our services to lower and reduce their operation cost and risk during initial stages of startup .
Please refer to our service item lists for details. To function as a leader in outsourcing and consulting services in marketing, accounting, and tax areas, we emphasize the following core values:
Integrity and Security
Integrity is our firm’s most important value and cannot be compromised under any circumstances. We not only educate our staff regarding the importance of integrity, but also embody it in our management team's decision-making processes.
We are committed to preserving the confidentiality and security of our clients’ information and ensuring that our clients’ information is accessible only to authorized individuals.
Continuous Improvement
At DT&C, we view continuous improvement as an integral part of our unique business model. We require our professionals to take continuing education courses to ensure that they are continually growing in knowledge and awareness.
We devote a great deal of effort to standardizing our work processes and developing new ideas and solutions in order to achieve improvements in our efficiency, which in turn allows us to serve our clients more effectively and to pass cost savings on to them.
Our professionals are specialists. In Taiwan, for example, we require a minimum of a four-year business degree and one year of related work experience, and many of our staff members hold advanced degrees in finance and accounting. Several of our professionals hold Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licenses.
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